In all cases the call-area criterion is respected. Since hams with a Special license have the same priviledges bands, power of those having a full license and pay the same fee. In the past beacons used the I prefix with a one-letter suffix e. So we expect that no special licence will be issued any longer, and they will then cease assigning IW calls to new hams, who can now directly get a full license call. The prefix plus the suffix forms the callsign.

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The total number of possible calls were: II6HIJto operations from very small islands e. By the above assignment scheme one can easily recognize the stations counting for DXCC country “Sardinia” i. Finally there are also the special prefixes prefixx can be requested for several reasons, for instance: Please keep in mind the Italian prefixes allocation: In the past beacons used the I prefix with a one-letter suffix e. Passing now to the special licensesthese have just a normal prefixi.

Provinces are then further structured in Comunibut this is of no matter for us. For these the following suffixes are possible: The call-area is part of the prefix.

They can be assigned to special-event stations several prefixes but most commony IIe.

prefix calling

IK3DEF are fairly old calls issued between andin strict alphabetical order. By the above assignment scheme one can easily recognize the stations counting for DXCC country “Sardinia” i. Plenty of calls, aren’t they? Note that stations located in the two major islands were allowed to replace prefix I1 with prefix IT1 Sicilia island or IS1 Sardegna island.


List of dialling codes in Italy

This is the list of the ad-hoc prefixes: A bit of history first Italy is subdivided into 20 Regions. The assignment criterion was: Obviously, 1-by-2 calls are gradually getting out of the scene.

prefix calling

IG7R are generally special calls for contest operations, but there also are very few beacons using calls of that type e. Let us start with prfeix full licenses first. Italian calls with a three-letter suffix: After no such calls were issued any longer there is no vanity call program in Italy After prwfix death of IB0JN of Ventotene island, no calls of this type exist any longer.

IW followed by the call-area number however in a very few cases, e. In practice, hams did not do else than just changing the number 1 in their prefix with the number corresponding to their Region e.

Local calling guide: NPA-NXX search

After no such calls prfeix issued any longer there is no vanity prefx program in Italy. Similarly to the a digit of the zip-code, the Italian ham-radio call-area 0 pregix 9 indicates a Region of a group of Regions, as shown below: Note that the island of Sicilia is a Region called Sicilia; the same applies to the island of Sardegna.

Call-areas then coincide with the a digit of the zip-code in the vast majority of cases though, for instance, the Verbania Province which is part of Piemonte Region has call-area 1despite its zip-code strangely begins with 2. Today t hey are still assigning IZ calls; currently the new assigned suffixes begin with letter K.


Yes, but for densely-populated areas the geographical partitioning criterion could anyway represent a constraint with regard to calls availability.

In all cases the call-area criterion is respected. Digital repeaters use the IR prefix with a three-letter suffix e. In practice such problem will never show up, because in year they decided that special license owners have the same operating priviledges as the full license owner.

prefix calling

Ham call-areas are tied to Regions, as evident from picture below. If you are interested to know more about CAP read bullets below, otherwise skip them: Click here to see a table in which there is a mapping of codes to Province chief towns. For such special licenses they used a completely different suffixes assignment criterion: The CAP consists of 5 digits abcde.

Italian calls with a one-letter suffix: Please note that the Italian bases in Antarctica use the ad-hoc prefix IA0. FM repeaters use the IR prefix with a one-letter suffix e. This makes the total full license calls of the first, second and third lot equal to: